Posted by: Clem | August 8, 2008

Jessica, Jessica, Dayley, and Alfred… First Time Racers. Congrats!

It’s been exactly 2 years since I’ve started talking my husband Alfred into doing a race.  He finally did it…. Thanks Dayley, he did it just for you!  Last year Michelle Dayley and her family attended the Seafair Torchlight Parade.  When the sea of runners passed her, it was at that moment she determined in her heart to run Torchlight 2008.  Jessica Ellis, her boot camp trainer at Todd Beamer, in support of Dayley also decided to run in her first race.  All this newbie running inspired me… so I begged Jessica Jernigan from my 9:15AM camp to try her hand at races.  Last Saturday, a week after the 5 mile Torchlight race, Jessica and Jessica joined Jill Grinde-Leach for the Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon.  They ran 13.1 miles across the Narrows bridge from Gig Harbor to Downtown Tacoma.  Amazing!!!  Since they are on a roll…. never having trained for a race, they are now training for the Danskin sprint Triathlon at the end of August.  It’s a 1/2 Triathlon… if you are interested in joining them…


  1. Hello Everyone…. can’t wait to see you accomplish your first race!

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