Posted by: Clem | September 9, 2008

2008 Boot Camp Reunion

Watch our slideshow and see how much fun we had at IronGirl!  There were many boot campers there, we couldn’t get everyone in one photo at the same time.  It was a beautiful morning and we left there feeling strong and empowered.  Thank you to everyone who wore our boot camp shirts in support and loyalty to our mission to save and change lives in our community.  Congratulations to all the women who improved in time from previous races.  Congratulations to those who were nervous but did it anyway.  Congratulations to all the first time racers!

Join us for the next event in support of women in our area living with Breast Cancer.  Sunday, Sep. 28th we will be participate in the Alki Beach Run for Breast Cancer.  There is a prize for the largest team (That’ll be us).  Register on, join the ABC-Adventure Boot Camp team, and use the code  48C5CA  join us.  There will be music and celebrations on the beach post race.  This is another beautiful venue. 

Anna Groves

Congratulations to Anna Groves!  She ran the best boot camp 5k time.

1147 Anna Groves   33 F3034 Auburn WA 40 8/249 23:15 7:30

Sandy Madden

Congratulations to Sandy Madden!  She came in second in her age group divison, winning a pair of earrings.

      10K AWARDS: AGE GROUP – 55 – 59

    1  1887 Jo Ann Sittig                    Redmond         WA  56   49:14
    2   528 Sandra Madden                 Federal Way     WA  57   54:01
    3   476 Kathleen Tyler                  Seattle             WA  56   58:50

 Katie Melchior
Our TOUGHEST Winner, Katie Melchior, hobbled from the 1 mile mark for 2.1 more miles to the finish line!  Even through the pain, she finished in amazing time: 34 min. and 42 sec.  We will miss you in these last 2 weeks of camp.  See you very soon! 


  1. This race was so fun. I can’t wait to dot he Alki race.

    I have another slide show where the photo’s are a little clearer. We have a few bonus team photo’s.

    Copy and paste the below link.

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