Posted by: Clem | January 30, 2009

Multi-tasking exercises saves time with big results.

webmd_photo_of_bridge_techniquesIf you are like most people (not living on the Biggest Loser Ranch), you don’t have hours in the day dedicated to working out.  My favorite moves consist of multiple muscle groups used simultaneously.  Especially when combining lower body, with upper body, and core.  For example the exercise in the photograph targets the Gluts, as well as the thighs, lower back, and triceps.  Over the 24 years I’ve been working in and out of the  gyms, I’ve seen many people exercise for 2+ hours a day and not see the results they want.  Macro-nutrients and meal planning has to be tailored to this kind extended period of energy output, but most people are not aware. 

Save time and see results with some of these great multi-tasking exercises…..

1.  Bridge with Triceps extensions:  Gluts, thighs, core, triceps

2.  Platform step up one leg balance with arm curl to over head press:  Legs, core, biceps, and shoulders.

3.  One legged lagittal leg raise with shoulder raise:  Challenges core balance, legs, and shoulders.

4.  One leg or 2 legged back on exercise ball against wall squats with arm curl to over head press:  Legs, core balance, bicep, shoulders.

5.  Push ups to alternating arm dumbell row using an exercise ball:  Core stability, chest, and back.

Okay…. now get off the couch and try one of these, I know you will like it.

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