Posted by: Clem | February 2, 2009

Fit and Fabulous at any Age

100_3071Many people I know don’t want to grow older nor want to live the maximum amount of time.  Societies outlook on aging or views on the elderly is different in America than in other countries.  Outside of our homeland, older age is an earned honor.  They are respected and acknowledged for their experience, wisdom, knowledge, and achievements.  Here the elderly are preyed on for their money, ignored on the streets, and pushed out of main stream society.  Alfred and I have good friends named Maynard and Judy.  They are so fun and very active.  They go dancing all the time.  In the summer, Maynard takes my kids fishing in his lake.  Judy keeps herself looking great and put together.  They are not slowing down one bit.  They even met on a dating website not too long ago.  How cuuuute!  Maynard is in his mid to late 70’s (He lied on his profile because no one pictures an energetic man at his real age) and Judy is in her mid 60’s.  

They are a complete contrast to my parents who are in their early 70’s.  They sit on the couch, watch soap operas, rarely leaves the house in fear of getting sick or someone breaking into their home.  But yet, my parents are still stronger than the average.  Others use walkers, wheelchairs with oxygen tanks, or on bed rest at that age.  How do you envision yourself?  What age to you plan to reach?  Will you go the distance, 120, and what kind of life will you have?  There’s a 94 year old man that walks to Federal Way Memorial Stadium everyday to walk the track for miles (he’s even been spotted on Pac Hwy).  Rain, Sleet, and Snow… he climbs the stadium stairs instead when the weather is bad.  You can’t imagine how many excuses I get from those in their 30’s on a sunny day.  Enjoy your full active life. 

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