Posted by: Clem | May 21, 2009

Nordstrom’s Beat the Bridge for Diabetes

100_3513It was such a beautiful day at Husky Stadium last Sunday morning.  I couldn’t believe the crowd that showed up for the 4 mile Family Walk and the 5 mile run.  It was great to see all the Nordstrom volunteers to cheer us on…. as I ran by I even recognized a shoe salesman from the Southcenter store.  I was bummed that I arrived to the bridge a few seconds too late, I watched it raise.  But, it was great to stop for the fresh air and beautiful views before we were off and running again.  This is definitely a must event every year. 


Obesity and Diabetes runs on both my mother and father’s side of the family…. I am very susceptible but that doesn’t mean I’m doomed to have it. 

Lower your risk of Diabetes.

Info from Cardiologist James Rippe MD on Web MD….

Under estimated and critically important:   maintain a proper body weight of less than 25% Body Mass Index.

If you gain 30 pounds above the proper body weight, you have increased your chance of having diabetes by 40 fold (4 thousand percent).  If we eliminate obesity in America, we would rid 85% of diabetes in our country.

Exercise and loseing 5-10 pounds of fat can sometimes lower or eliminate medicine in over weight diabetes patience.

Watch the following video, read more, and strengthen your knowledge…

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