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If you only do one new thing today

Breathe Like This …

You’re running late, thinking of all the things you have to do, spill coffee on your blouse, and realize that your shoes don’t match. Instead of screaming, you could try “Dropped Breath” breathing to lower your heart rate and calm your emotions. Breathing deeply can improve how your body absorbs nutrients. Some research has shown that when people improve their breathing and maximize their oxygen intake they can significant improve the amount of body fat that they oxidize and burn each week. When oxygen levels are high the nervous system is calm the pancreas responds by reducing its production of fat storing insulin. So breathing deeply can help you have increased energy, focus and LOSS WEIGHT.

There are 3 levels of breathing. High Breath or shallow breathing happens in the upper chest and we do not expand our chest to fill our lungs. The second type of breathing is Middle Breathing. With Middle Breathing you feel the expansion of ribs when you place your hand on the sides of your rib cage. The third type is Dropped Breath. With a Dropped Breath it’s the belly that is expanding while inhaling through the nose and then the belly contracts as you exhale through your mouth. The lungs fill from the bottom and the ribs move but the upper chest is rather still. The movement is in the low torso. Breathing deeply from your belly increases your lung capacity and your blood gets more oxygen. You then have more stamina and energy. As you breathe deeply your emotions are calm, you think clearly and act confidently.

Try placing you hand on your belly below the belly button. Make sure your hand is being moved in and out with your belly as you inhale and exhale. Notice the reduction in the tension in your body, your thoughts and emotions.

For more information on breathing read Suzanne Zemen’s book titled, Listening to Bodies. To learn new ways to manage emotions, avoid emotional eating and focus on the goals that you want achieve join the next 6 week Victorious Living Coaching Group . Contact Karen Ball, M.Ed., LMHC and coach at to find out more.

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