Posted by: Clem | June 27, 2009

Body Image

A Negative Body Image Interferes with Making Positive Changes

DSC_0037    Written by Karen Ball, M.Ed, LMHC and Coach


How many of you can relate to the statements, “I HATE my thighs, my arms giggle, or my butt is too wide!’

When you look in the mirror do you feel ashamed of how you look or think that your appearance is a personal failure and it means that you are worthless?

Do you spend too much time thinking about what to eat, your weight, calories and what to wear so you don’t look fat?

If you are answering, “Yes!”  You may have a negative body image.  

What you may not know is that having a negative body image can interfere with your efforts to make positive changes in what you eat and to engage in exercise.   Every time we displace distress onto our bodies with negative thoughts or behavior and then try to “fix” them we can disrupt our relationship with food, activity and our bodies.  Research has shown that women who were in weight loss programs that focused on body acceptance, listened to and knew the signs of physical hunger, had accurate information about nutrition and removed barriers to activity had measureable improvement in blood pressure, cholesterol, levels of exercise, and had improved self esteem and body image.  Women in more traditional weight loss programs where body acceptance was not included reported feeling worse about themselves two years later and did not achieve the same health results.

You maybe thinking, “Yeah, but, I will start liking my body when I get to that certain weight and accepting my body means giving up.”    I would call that a thinking error.  Accepting your body as it is now, appreciating all the amazing things that it does for you and enjoying your body does not mean you give up on or decrease your efforts to exercise, eat healthy and take care of your body.  The opposite is true.  If you believe that you have an amazing body that can exercise, enjoy all kinds of pleasures, think and create you take better care of that body so that it works like a top.

If you are interested in gaining skills that will help you appreciate your body as it is now and stay motivated to take good care of it sign up for the Victorious Living Coaching Group starting on July 14th.   Please RSVP as soon possible.  For more information or questions contact Karen Ball, M.Ed., LMHC and Coach at 206-954-7822 or at

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