Posted by: Clem | June 29, 2009

Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll

The inaugural Seattle Rock’n’Roll Marathon and Half Marathon took place on Saturday.  What an experience!  I feel so blessed that I got to share this with a few of my Fit Chicks from my Kennydale AM Boot Camp- Nina and Therese!  The motivation behind it- do something you thought you could never do since you only live once!  I have already completed a marathon and a half marathon and swore I wouldn’t do another…..I checked them off my “life to-do list” and was satisfied.  But I encouraged others to do it and I thought I better lead by example.  The goal- to start and to finish.  The positive energy was absolutely contagious…..several groups of people running for a cause, old and young, fit and out of shape, people in wheel chairs and people with one leg.  When we were at the start line, there was a blind man in front of us with a walking stick.  He was going to walk 13.1 miles.  Truly inspirational.  It gave true meaning to “you can do anything you put your mind to“!
I feel honored to have shared this experience with my bootcampers Nina and Therese!  I’m so proud that they didn’t just think about doing it- they did it!   Life is too short to just think about the things you want to accomplish- DO it!  And when you do, it may not be easy but you will feel empowered and proud!  The quote that we repeated over and over during the race- PAIN IS TEMPORARY, PRIDE IS FOREVER!  So true!  ~Marisa Mancke

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