Posted by: Clem | October 25, 2009

Overcome Holiday Weight Gain

Fit Pro, Marisa Mancke

Fit Pro, Marisa Mancke

It starts with an innocent taste of Halloween candy and ends with a smorgasbord of chips and dip on New Year’s Day… that joyous but body-expanding time known as the holidays. The average person gains 5 lbs over the holiday season and the worst part is that they never take it off! That can really add up year after year!  

Here are a few tips to tackle challenges that the holiday season can throw your way.




Exercise Challenges

If you are travelling and you are not near a gym, bring a resistance band with you so you can do resistance training exercises on the road.  You can do a full-body workout with a band and/or your body weight (push ups, squats and lunges).  If you are travelling and sitting for long periods of time in a car/plane, wear a pedometer and shoot for 10,000 steps per day.  You can take a power walk in the airport, do lunges/squats at rest stops during car trips, etc.  Participate in a Turkey Trot or Jingle Bell run or walk around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights.  Move as much as possible…every little bit counts and it all adds up! 

Nutrition Challenges

Throughout the holidays, you are up against hosts or family who insist that you eat rich food.  Sometimes it’s best just to be honest and let them know you are focused on making good choices and you’d really appreciate their support.  Eat small amounts of various foods, as opposed to large portions of a few foods. You don’t have to avoid your favorite holiday foods all together- just think moderation. If you are preparing the holiday meal this year, prepare healthier versions of traditional dishes. All of those recipe modifications add up and make a big difference in the total number of calories.  When attending holiday parties, eat something before you go; do not go hungry! Choose some rewards for yourself when you make good choices during the holiday season; a new outfit, a massage or a manicure/pedicure. You can overcome these obstacles and make it through the holidays in great shape!

CHOOSE to make it through this holiday season with no weight gain this year!  It’s all about your choices.  Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!

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