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Happy New Year! Tired of trying to lose weight? Make it happen this year, do it! May all your dreams and goals for 2009 come true. We hope the exercise and nutritional tips in this month’s newsletter helps you reach your fitness and health goals. Send me an email and tell what you would like to read about in future issues.

In this month’s issue….

  • Free Session Dates at Todd Beamer High
  • NEW Program!  Introducing: Victorious Living
  • Distance for Diabetes Fun Run/Walk 5k in Kent Jan.11th
  • 2009 Successful Exercise Tips
  • Recipe: Pear Power Snack

Next 4 week Boot Camp starts January 12th. Register soon and don’t forget to take advantage of your Re-Enlist, Birthday, and Referral Discounts.

FREE Sample Sessions in Federal Way…

Ladies, Here’s an amazing opportunity for you this week! I know it’s short notice, but we’ve decided to add a THIRD FREE session this week! In addition to Wed. Dec. 31 and Fri. Jan. 2 Snow Day Make Up Sessions this week (open to all), we will meet New Year’s Day Jan. 1st (I know, I know, but just wait!).  It’s not until 10:30 am, so you can still sleep in, AND Jan. 1st is COED! So you can bring your husbands, boyfriends, friends, etc and enjoy a good work out together, and burn off some of those calories you know you’ll be consuming the night before 🙂 Feel free to come by yourself as well, or invite your girlfriends! All are welcome as we promo the NEW “Coed Boot Camp”, starting soon! We’ll be meeting at Todd Beamer High School in Federal Way, call if you have any questions! 253-350-4323 or jessica@pugetsoundbootcamp.com to RSVP.

Jessica Ellis
Live Healthy, Live Happy

(Kent and Renton Sessions to be announced)

New!  Victorious Living meetings

We are pleased to announce a 9 week Life Style Coaching Group called the Victorious Living.   In addition to the physical training offered in boot camp you will now be able to build the internal strength to make lasting lifestyle changes.  Victorious Living, a lifestyle coaching group offers information, support and new strategies for achieving success.   Avoid those feelings of defeat and once again abandoning the goals of losing weight and looking great by the end of January. Sign up for the Victorious Living series and make plans to succeed.


  • Obtain support for making healthy changes in thoughts, beliefs and behavior
  • Gather information and resources to make healthy choices
  • Develop healthy thoughts to deal with emotions in a more positive and constructive way.
  • Increase self confidence
  • Believe that you are capable of making and sustaining healthy changes

When: 7PM Mondays starting January 12th for 9 weeks

Cost: $10 a session (a value compared to other weight loss groups like WW or JC).  $90 total.

Distance for Diabetes 5k Fun Run/Walk

Sunday, January 11th  9:00AM Start Time
Russell Road Park:  24214 Russell Road Kent, WA   98042

Join Us for the fun!!

5 Signs That You’re Doing it Right

Ever wonder just how effective your workout routine really is?

Maybe you saw great results when you first started to exercise, but now those results have come to a screeching halt.

Want to know why?

If the following 5 statements accurately describe your exercise routine, then fear not-you’re doing it right. However, if the following 5 statements don’t describe your exercise routine then listen up-there’s no better time than now to rev up your routine.

1. You Make the Most of Each Move: Gone are the days when workouts lasted more than an hour and you had time to single out each muscle individually. These days time is of the essence, and compound movements deliver excellent results in less time than ever before.

Not sure if your routine includes compound movements? Any exercise that uses two or more joints is considered to be a compound movement. Squats and lunges are great examples. If you want to pack even more benefit into each move then try adding a shoulder press with your squats and a bicep curl with your lunges.

2. You Keep it Intense: Let’s be honest, at one time or another you’ve spent time in the gym ‘exercising’ without ever breaking a sweat. Maybe you drifted from one machine to the next or joined an aerobics class for a few minutes, but the bottom line was that your heart wasn’t into it.

Workouts that lack intensity are practically a waste of time. Your body craves a challenge, and you see the most results when you keep your intensity high. Keep your workouts concise and push yourself with each exercise.

3. You’re Consistent: Anyone can have one great workout, but one workout won’t translate into killer results-only consistency will do that for you. Exercise must be a part of your daily routine, plain and simple.

One of the best ways to stay consistent with your routine is to do your workout at the same time everyday. We are creatures of habit, so once your exercise schedule has been firmly set you’ll find the process to be automatic, rather than an occasional afterthought.

4. You Seek a Challenge: Just like hairstyles, exercise routines quickly become outdated. That is why the best routines are dynamic, and the worst routines never change. How do you know when your routine needs to be updated?

You’ll know how effective your routine is by the results, or lack there of, that you experience. If you feel that you are simply going through the motions then stop wondering about the effectiveness of your routine and start doing something new.

5. You’re Having a Blast: Do you dread the very thought of going for a jog, but force yourself to do it simply because you’ve no other ideas for exercise? Stop right there. Exercise is an enjoyable activity, especially when you find the form that is best suited for your personal preferences.

If you don’t like exercise there is a good chance that your technique needs help. We pride myself in showing our clients the fun side of exercise-yes, exercise is fun!

If your routine includes all of the above then congratulations – you are doing it right. You’re consistent, you challenge yourself and you’re seeing results. However, if your routine doesn’t include the above, you now have the blueprints to do it right.

Want a routine that incorporates everything you need to reach your fitness goals? Call or email today and I’ll show you how to get amazing results in less time than you think.

Clem- 206-280-4642; clemence@pugetsoundbootcamp.com

Pear Power Snack

This simple recipe makes a fast, healthy snack. The fresh pear, non-fat ricotta cheese and natural honey blend with great flavor and texture. It is also tasty with cracked black pepper instead of honey. Servings: 1

Here’s what you need…

  • 1 fresh pear, sliced
  • 1/4 cup nonfat ricotta cheese
  • 1 teaspoon natural honey
  1. Arrange the pear slices on a plate and spoon the ricotta cheese over the pears. Garnish with honey.

Nutritional Analysis: One serving equals: 197 calories, 0g fat, 34g carbohydrate, 5g fiber, and 6g protein.

Jumping Bean Row

Strengthen:  Legs, butt, bicep, and back.


Jump about 3 to 6 inches off the ground as you draw hands toward your sides


Straighten arms in front of you again as you land softly with knees slightly bent; repeat.

Dead Lift with Hold

Strengthens:  Back, butt, biceps.


Maintaining half-curl position and keeping legs straight, hinge forward from your hips until your back is parallel to the ground


Return to starting position and repeat.

Free Fall Bridge

Strengthens:  Butt, back, and shoulders.


Keeping legs straight and arms bent, slowly raise arms and legs off the ground; as you lift, gaze down and keep your head in line with your spin


Lower to starting position and repeat.

Angled Push-ups

Strengthens:  Chest, triceps, shoulders.


Bend elbows and lower chest toward left hand


Straighten arms to return to starting position and repeat to right side on the next rep. Continue alternating sides.

28220 52nd Ave So. | Auburn Wa 98001 | 206-280-4642
clemence@PugetSoundBootcamp.com | www.PugetSoundBootCamp.com

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