Susan Saunders 8/2008susan-saunders

Hi Clem,
Thanks for the wonderful card that you sent, it meant a lot and was much appreciated. Also, thank you for the Scrooge plug, so glad that you will make it to the show.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your efforts with regards to boot camp. You truly motivate me to do more and be better. I feel stronger then I have since I was a teenage athlete and feel confident that I will be able to attain my weight loss/fitness goals utilizing the knowledge and training that I have received from you. Since starting the use of the bodybugg on October 21st, I’ve lost 11 pounds and need to lose 7 more to reach my 25% body fat goal and further reduce my chance of recurrence of my breast cancer. I don’t know that I would have attained the current weight loss and be working towards this goal as aggressively if it hadn’t been for you. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!

God bless you and your family!
Mary Anderson (attended 6 consecutive boot camps)

“To the world you may be one person,
but to one person you may be the world!

Thank you so much! You guys are awesome. I love the personal touch you guys add and show that you really care about all of our successes. You both are great people and I’m so glad to be able to be apart of such a great bootcamp.


I moved to Seattle a year ago, and got out of the habit of working out and quickly gained weight.  I tried a gym by work, but had a hard time motivating myself and getting in the workout during the lunch hour.  The adventure boot camp has provided me with the kickstart that I needed to get going. Knowing that there were people there waiting for me encouraged me to get out of bed every morning and lace up my shoes.  Our trainer, Alfred, was great. He was encouraging and let everyone go at their own pace.  I was pushed, but not killed.  After 4 weeks, I feel so much better. I can do 10 more pushups a minute than at the beginning of camp, and I shaved almost a full minute off my mile time. Thanks for a great camp!

Have fun in Napa.
Heather Harrison

Just wanted you to know we had a FANTASTIC 1st day of boot camp at Todd Beamer today!!! It was well organized, smoothly run, with a great Day 1 workout & the opportunity to get to know everyone better & work on learning names. I think it was the best 1st day yet!!! I know I haven’t been great about sending feedback (or answering questionnaires), but I do want you to know that Jessica is doing a great job. Everyday, she is enthusiastic, organized, keeps us working & keeps the workouts interesting. Additionally, she always listens & incorporates feedback & requests. This makes the development of boot camp feel more like an interactive team activity where we end up with a work out & atmosphere that addresses the needs & wants of everyone (as much as possible), instead of attending a boot camp where the workout and the environment is dictated or only meets the needs of a few. Just wanted to say “Great Job Jessica!!!”. I’m sorry I’ll miss the majority of this camp, but I’m already looking forward to the next one.

Take care,
Leigh Anna

kitty1kittyWhen I first signed up to do Bootcamp I had already lost 60 lbs. on my own. I was stuck though. Stuck in the same way of eating and stuck in the same way of working out. With Clem’s help, I was able to break through barriers I didn’t know I had. For example, I never thought that I could run. I could barely make it around 1 lap at a high school track. But, Clem’s constant encouragement, practical advise and, endless positive energy allowed me to see that I can do anything that I set my mind to. I now run 5K’s and (get this) think they’re FUN! With Clem and Adventure Bootcamp you don’t just get a work out. You get an experience that will change your life, if you let it. While I have more work to do to achieve my goals, thanks to the Bootcamp experience, I have the ability to see myself achieve those goals and that’s the first step.
Kitty Burris- 2007

Clem and Alfred…..
I walked into a meeting today where I saw some folks that I hadn’t seen in a month or so. One gal looked at me and “shared”…Kate, I’m so jealous, you have a waist!!!
Thank you guys so much for what you do. Not only for the outside but for the inside as well.
Thanks again and God bless!!!

Kate Rimmer

Clem,  Thank you for your encouragement.
AND, I’ve been doing EXCELLENT drinking more water. You have to keep in mind I rarely drank any liquids.  A soda now and again….decaf tea, juice…rarely water.  BUT, that has now changed.  Because of you of course and the accountability charts, I am more aware of what I eat and drink which is a significant improvement from my past (yes, I did say past), tendencies.

Cindy O.


Hi Clem, 

I have to tell you that today was Awesome!!!  I really enjoyed it and thought you might want to know!  Have a great day.

Brenda Cook

Mence, Salamat po for all your encouragement, love, cheers & motivation. You are an example to me and I love it that you never gave up on me.

Iva H.


You are so wise and smart.  Your talks are so inspiring and encouraging.  I lost another 2 lbs.  I’m in the 250’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you so much for never giving up on me, but always believing in me.  You are a great friend and coach.  Love ya
Fala T

Dear Clemence,

I just wanted to thank you quickly for your inspiration and help during the pre-Thanksgiving Boot Camp. I learned so much from you and really enjoyed your encouragement.

Catherine Pettitt


100_1885 “Alfred was so much fun and the music was great!  He really encouraged me to work hard and believed I could go the distance.  He sent great inspiriational text messages everyday.  He really cares about each persons goals.  I laughed as I worked harder than I had in years.  I am looking forward to continued fun at the next camp.”


Carole Krohn-2008




Hi Clem,
Thank you for your encouraging words. I’m glad you shared my story. I
try to find something good in every situation. If the passing of my niece
and brother can help to move someone else to improve their lives… it
eases my pain of the loss just that much more because that will be one
more good thing to come out of a bad situation.  Thank you for your emails… they are a bright spot in my day.

Maribeth Steincipher

I really enjoyed the camp and felt that I had great results.  The camp was definitely worth it!  And I’ll definitely keep telling my friends about it.  Overall, thank you so much for what you taught me! You inspired me to better eating habits.  I’ve continued to eat more fruits and vegetables and to drink lots of water. I’ll admit – I have trouble getting up in the morning on my own – but I am motivated by the results I saw and that motivation is going to stick with me.  I think you are performing a great service with the camp, and also with the way you reach out and befriend the girls. It’s apparant that you work really hard to make everyone’s experience great & to improve our lives. You should stick with it, and I believe that your sucess will grow and grow.

Please keep in touch!

I just drove by Fenwick and can’t wait til tomorrow. I just want you to know I feel so inspired and ‘pumped’ about all this. It’s worked out so perfectly for me as my vacation is the week after boot camp is over. I’m going camping by Mt. Adams and instead of totally relaxing and “Smore’n” I have much healthier and exciting plans. Growing up, my aunt used to take us on day hikes up there. So I am planning to revisit some of those places with my son. Exercise and the beauty of nature! I’ve been dreaming for years about getting into hiking, but it’s never gotten out of the ‘dream state’. Now I will be able to do it. And I’m excited to introduce it to my son. I realize I haven’t been the best influence on him as far as getting out and ‘doing.’ Thank you so much for giving me the boost. Oh, I just did a dozen of those bench/tricep torture things, just for the fun of it! Have a great day.

Thank you so much for lunch on saturday but mostly for doing what you do!  It is definatly a gift to be able to help poeple live longer and stronger, you’re a blessing!

I just wanted to send out an email to my o’l school bootcamp buddies. I Miss you guys!!!!!!!! Just when I got use to seeing you guys every morning and knew all of you names.  I hope everyone is doing ok.  Clemence is trying to kill us this time around!  She just won’t stop!  She keeps going and going and going.  Anyways I just want to say, stay encouraged we will all reach our goals with each others support!! Love you guys!!!!!
Teresa K.

I just want to take a moment to say I’m really excited about your program.
I’ve never felt more relaxed & @ home with someone I didn’t really know
before. I can only see good things to come. I can hardly wait until Monday!
Riley McNeil

Hi Ladies,
I wanted to share with all of you a little bit about Teresa. As some of you may know, Teresa is my co-worker and we became friends shortly after we started working together.

When I started Boot Camp #1 she thought I was “out of my mind”, she would say things like “I aint getting up a 5:00 a.m”, “Oooo, you run?? Wow” but as she started to see the results I was getting, she started to ask about the next boot camp. So as we got closer to Boot Camp #2, I asked Teresa if she wanted to join. She gave me a few excuses and said she would let me know in a few weeks–I kept bugging her and every time she would comment on how i looked–I would say–“you can feel and look like this too.”

Finally I reeled her in and we scheduled the appointment to meet with Clemence. As we got closer to our appointment, Teresa wanted to reschedule–I was sure that she was backing out! She would keep telling me that she was still planning to join–but in my mind I thought she wasnt going to go through with it. We scheduled our second or third appointment and I was still sure that she was going to back out. The day of our appointment,  Teresa was followed me there and I was saying to  myself that “I hope she doesnt turn off and go home.”

Needless to say, and I know this is long, we made it to the appointment and she has been committed to this boot camp! Clemence told her to give her 4 weeks and Teresa has made so many changes, in her eating–when I go to her Cubicle–I can grab a piece of fruit if I dont have any, instead of before I would find Pringles. She has made tremendous changes by eating a sub sandwich and not going to her favorite Popeyes resturant. She looks better, she is feeling good about herself–looking cute and all that!

She is an inspiration to me, even though she will say that I inspire her–one day when I didnt want to park 10 minutes away–she had parked out there and I was inspired to  park with her. When she was tired at work and needed energy, she went for a walk! Never before would she do this–she would have just gone to her car and slept.

To top it off she has tried wheat bread (this is huge) and she got up Saturday morning and went for a RUN!! a RUN!! I am so proud of you Teresa!! Good Job!  -Geylar


Sandy MaddenIn 2005 I received an interesting invitation in the mail. I was invited to join an all female outdoors Boot Camp. The picture on the front of the post card depicted several young ladies in an exercise pose. The back of the card was a brief description of what to expect and a phone number to call for more information. I had exercised all my adult life but recently was experiencing a plateau of sorts. My workout was becoming repetitive and I had a few nasty pounds that wouldn’t budge. This invitation seemed like a gift of fate. But, the ladies on the card looked young and fit. I wondered if I would feel out of place. I decided to call anyway and spoke to Clem. She was very interested in my concerns and my needs. We made an appointment to meet in person. At that visit I realized that Clem, though appreciative of my insecurities, would not allow them to get in the way of progress. She agreed that every Boot Camp member needs to work at her own pace but the goal is to increase the challenge. However, after registering for a 4 week class, I made it very clear that I don’t run but would walk or power walk. I hadn’t run for many years and didn’t trust my knees.

A lot has happened between that first meeting and today. But suffice it to say that one Boot Camp turned into eight. I learned that the ladies who joined, month after month, were of different ages and different levels of strength and endurance. And very individual personal goals. Yet everyone worked as a Team to encourage and support each other. And not only in achieving physical strength, but in the power of confidence and positive thought. I learned how to make a few changes in my meal plan that boosted my metabolism and assisted with shedding those stubborn pounds. Power walking was boring me so I started to run and discovered my knees were just fine! I took my running and Camp work out routine home and exercised on non-Camp days and the weekends. I learned I could do whatever I wanted to physically. All one requires is desire and a positive attitude. And that is exactly Clem’s agenda.

In 2005 I believed I had reached my peak performance for my age. Today I am 25 pounds lighter. I am running 30 miles weekly and am registered for my first half marathon. I am stronger and faster.

My name is Sandy Madden and I am 56 years young.


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